Saturday, December 28, 2013

     I am beginning this daily blog in the hope of eventually becoming a saint, because if I do this more than one day, it will be a miracle. I like words. I like to say them, and read them and shout them. I like to say them really fast and I like to string a lot of them together. I say them to anyone who will listen.  I often say them to people who are not listening. I talk to myself on an ongoing basis; it keeps me from getting bored at the grocery store. I say many things to my dogs. I say stupid things, like, "who are  mommy's little boy and girl?" I hear myself say that and I say to myself, "Oh my God, you are so annoying". I say " let's go potty" to them constantly on their walk, and it usually works. Sometimes I have to say it 100 time first. I am hoping that someone will hear me say it, and see them pee, and think "there are two well trained little dogs". Because that is the only way anyone is ever going to say that about my dogs. I say " take those headphones off and get your backpack" to my grandson.....He replies "Huh?" And then I say it about ten more times. It just seems like the right thing to say, although it has little effect. I once gave a beautiful lecture about God and the dignity of being a student on the way to school. At the end, my grandson looked at me and said "Were you talking? I was looking at the birds." I tell my grandaughter that she will be happy that she took piano when she is older.  She looks at me as if I said the Cubs will win the world series in my lifetime. Sure, Grandma.
My friends husband used to say to her children," kids, if each of us was only allotted a billion words in a life time, mom would have run  out a long time ago". Words. I love 'em. I've got at least a half billion to go.

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